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S a N UCh NV-98Danpug Sergeant Pepper "Pepsi"
(Studdog of the year -99 -00-01 -02). Now retired

"Pepsi had to end his day in the middle of november-03 because he got affected by a fast growing toumor in the jaw"


SUCH Pugwood´s
Louis Armstrong
(Bis-"teenager" pugspec -99)

Dead 2010

Wilvay´s Maiden Trip "TinTin" tintin

Boero Dei Piccoli Pagliacci,
born 26/4-2006 breeder Patrizia De Chiarra, Italy.
Family lives with the Ramberg-Johansson family, Trollhattan


Im Namen Der Rose Vilmar (6 mån)
e. Ch Othello vom Ulmer House x Im Namen der Rose Quante Amor.

Born 26/6 2010, Breader Susi Becker,Germany.


Claripug´s Midnight Rider